A487 Clogfryn Bends


Ceredigion County Council / North & Mid Wales Trunk Roads Agency


Aberaeron, Ceredigion



The project involved a 200m long cutting up to 6m in height, immediately adjacent to the A487 trunk road just south of Aberaeron in Mid Wales. The cutting consists of rock with some areas of overburden, which has been subject to a number of small landslips.

The cutting was cleared of vegetation, scaled to remove loose material and rock netting was installed to prevent future landslips. Our light pneumatic drilling masts mounted on 13 tonne wheeled excavators were able to install anchorages up to 6m above road level whilst maintaining single lane traffic under temporary lights. Where the slope contained overburden, a biodegradable geotextile was installed prior to the rock netting to assist the re-establishment of vegetation.

Our solution involved:

  • Site Clearance: Removal of scrub vegetation and trees from 1500 sq. metres of embankment. Chipping and disposal to licenced tip.
  • Soil Nailing/Anchoring: Installation of 400 Dywidag R32 hollow bar soil nails in soil and rock with 76mm diameter drill bits.
  • Meshing and Erosion Protection: Hanging and fixing 1100 sq. metres of Maccaferri rock netting with GeoJute erosion protection to aid re-vegetation.