Eastern Bay Link Road


Dawnus Ferrovial JV






Quantum undertook ground investigation works on this project for the construction of approximately 1km of new dual carriageway and 3.5m wide combined cycle/footway in Cardiff Bay.

A ground investigation was undertaken along the proposed link road route as directed by the client and the Investigation Supervisor in accordance with their requirements. Additional settlement monitoring was installed and undertaken by Quantum during construction phase.

The site is linear and runs to the north of Roath Dock Road from Queens Gate Roundabout through the ABP Port of Cardiff to the railway crossing at the CELSA/BOC site and continues onto City of Cardiff property (a protected SINC habitat) before joining up with Ocean Way Roundabout. The site is approximately 1.2km long.

Works included:

  • 8 cable percussion boreholes with standpipe installations for gas and groundwater monitoring.
  • 27 cable percussion boreholes.
  • 30 rotary cored boreholes follow on with standpipe installations for gas and groundwater monitoring.
  • 18 rotary open-hole boreholes.
  • 50 machine excavated trial pits.
  • 1 machine excavated trial trench.
  • 10 road cores.
  • Dynamic probing and accompanying windowless sampling.
  • In-situ testing.
  • In-situ static cone penetration testing.
  • Geophysical tests.
  • Laboratory testing and post-fieldwork monitoring.
  • Reporting
  • Hydrostatic profile gauge installations and monitoring during earthworks.
  • Heavy duty vibrating wire piezometer installation and monitoring for earthworks construction.
  • Lightweight deflectometer testing.

All works undertaken under supervision of an EOD Supervisor and following ground surveys using magnetometer probing techniques for UXO.