Green Oak Marine Jetty


Newport Mooring Committee


Newport, Pembrokeshire



A new jetty was commissioned to allow boats to be boarded from the quay side at Newport Parrog, Pembrokeshire. The design was carried out by Atkins and comprised piles with connecting deckings at six levels to allow boarding at various stages of tide.

The structure was built from green oak and comprised 18 300 x 300mm piles installed in pre-augered bores in the silt and sand bed. Where necessary a temporary casing was used to keep the bore open long enough for the pile to be placed.

Works involved:

  • Working tidally, drilling and casing 18 550mm diameter holes, 2.5m deep in liquid sediments, gravels and clays.
  • Installation of 400 x 400mm green oak piles up to 7m long.
  • Construction of connecting jointed timber structure from green oak with stainless steel fixings.
  • Placing and fixing Yellow Balau decking.
  • Modifying quay wall and constructing steps onto the jetty and from the jetty to the beach.

The structure was designed to be partially submerged on every tide so detailed project planning was essential to deliver the project on time.

All works were completed inter-tidally. We submitted an application for a Marine Management Licence containing our proposed works schedule and method statement. Natural Resources Wales granted the licence and the works were carried out in line with the conditions dictated within the licence.