Newtown Bypass


Alun Griffiths Contracting


Newtown, Powys



This project involved intrusive ground investigation works along the line of the 6km proposed new bypass road located to the south of the town of Newtown. The site works entailed:

  • 59 rotary cored boreholes with typical depths between 10m and 20m and a maximum depth of 35m.
  • 6 rotary open hole boreholes, typically with depths between 10m and 15m.
  • 15 ¬†windowless sample boreholes.
  • 123 trial pits with typical depths between 3m and 4.5m.
  • 25 trial trenches, with typical depths between 3m and 4.5m.
  • In-situ testing.
  • Disturbed and undisturbed sampling.
  • Geotechnical logging.
  • Installation of monitoring equipment; Inclinometers, vibrating wire piezometers.
  • Geophysical televiewer and acoustic logging.

Ongoing geotechnical and environmental laboratory testing was undertaken throughout the project, culminating in a ground investigation factual report. The site is mostly classified as Green with localised Yellow areas in accordance with British Drilling Association guidelines.