Penygraig Road Retaining Wall


Private Client


Mayhill, Swansea



Suspected failure of deep drainage had caused instability of a domestic retaining structure adjacent to a busy road. Engineers required demolition of the structure, permanent slope stabilisation, replacement of deep drainage and re-building of the structure all within school holiday periods to minimise disruption.

Our solution involved:

  • Controlled Demolition and¬†Slope Stabilisation: Design and installation of Dywidag R32/210 soil nails using lightweight excavator mounted drilling equipment. Installation in conjunction with staged top-down demolition under single lane closure on weekends and school holidays.
  • Replacement of Deep Drainage: Excavation below pavement to expose shared sewer. Co-ordination with utilities providers and arrangement of permits. Installation of new underground drainage and tie into shared sewer.
  • Re-Building: Placed foundations and re-constructed retaining structure tied into the permanent soil nailed slope. Replacement of steps, landings and landscaping.