Llanreath Landslide


Private Client


Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire



A landslide had occurred during a prolonged period of heavy rain in the winter of 2012 threatening a residential property. The client required the slope to be cleared of debris and stabilised. Quantum designed and executed a scheme including re-profiling, anchoring, netting and sprayed concrete.

Access to the site was via the foreshore and required a Marine Management License (MML). Using the slipped material as a base we were able to execute the works using one of our TEI Hem 560 drill masts mounted on a 22 tonne excavator with a tracked 360 MEWP in support. 

Our solution involved: 

  • Full Design
  • Soil Nailing/Anchoring: Installation of 115 6m long Dywidag R32/280 hollow bar soil nails in soil and rock.
  • Meshing: Placing and fixing 240 sq. metres of Tensar CE121 mesh overlain with Maccafferi MacMat R combined rock fall netting and erosion control matting.
  • Ancillary Works: Reinforced sprayed concrete parapet.