Manscombe Close


Torbay Council


Torquay, Devon



A landslide had occurred on the face of a former quarry rendering the garden to the rear of a residential property unsafe. The face was in the region of 50m high and could not be accessed mechanically. The works had to be carried out from the rear garden of the property, which was accessed via a 900mm wide pedestrian gate. We completed the works using roped access methods in conjunction with skid mounted drills to minimise the manual handling of vibrating tools.

Our solution involved:

  • Design: Extensive test drilling and pull out tests. Provision of full warrantied design.
  • De-vegetation: Removal of vegetation by roped access.
  • Soil Nailing: Installation of 100 Ischebeck TITAN 40/16 soil nails up to 7m long with 76mm diameter drill bits using a skid mounted pneumatic rock drill.
  • Rock Bolting: 50 Dywidag 20mm diameter GEWI steel rock bolts in 52mm diameter holes.
  • Rock Netting/Erosion Matting: Placing and fixing of 300 sq. metres of Maccaferri MacMat R complete with perimeter cables.