Milford Haven and Pembroke Dock Ports


Milford Haven Port Authority


Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire



Quantum have a well-established working relationship with Milford Haven Port Authority (MHPA) having undertaken numerous ground investigation and port upgrade and maintenance works for many years. From January 2015 to May 2016 Quantum were employed by MHPA to undertake a sizeable ground investigation at both Milford Haven Docks and Pembroke Docks for a proposed development. This formed Phase I of a two part ground investigation with Phase II completed in January 2017. The works entailed a variety of ground investigation methods and techniques, both on land and on water using pontoon vessels.

The works covered Geo-environmental and Geotechnical aspects under the instruction of scheme engineers, Royal Haskoning DHV.  Works were undertaken to high safety standards, working in active docks environments and overwater. Strict safe systems of work were established by Quantum, who undertook the role as Principal Contractor.

Phase I and Phase II works included:

  • 42 dynamic sampled and rotary cored/open hole boreholes to 25m through challenging bedrock conditions, heavily fractured.
  • 9 cable percussive boreholes to 17m depths with in-situ testing and sampling.
  • Overwater works off pontoon vessel.
  • 58 machine excavated trials pits for contaminant land and geotechnical assessment including asbestos investigation with appropriate Quantum risk management and methodologies in place.
  • 11 hand excavated trial pits.
  • Rope access works for investigating cliff structure.
  • Installation of groundwater and land gas monitoring standpipes.
  • Vibrocore sampling in the dock and open haven.
  • Geophysical surveying of buried services/structures using ground penetrating radar methods and electromagnetic location methods.
  • Borehole shear vane testing and piston sampling.
  • In-situ California Bearing Ration Tests (CBR).
  • Laboratory testing and post-fieldwork monitoring.
  • Reporting