Pepel Fuel Farm


African Minerals Limited


Pepel, Sierra Leone



A number of circa 20m diameter steel fuel storage tanks were required to be constructed at the Pepel port site as part of ongoing infrastructure development for African Minerals Sierra Leone mining operations. The site was underlain by several tens of metres of normally consolidated recent shallow marine sediments overlying over consolidated clays.

Quantum undertook a ground investigation, investigating a number of potential locations for the tanks in order to determine the most appropriate site based on the most favourable ground and groundwater conditions. The preferred site was investigated in further detail with intrusive works comprising boreholes drilled using percussion and hydraulic push sampling methods with rotary water flush casing installation and subsequent installation of piezometers. Shelby tube samples were taken and tested for strength and compressibility at the Dawnus soils testing laboratory in Tonkolili. Given the sensitivity of the soils, samples were carefully transported by train to avoid disturbance on the bumpy roads in Sierra Leone.

We provided an interpretive report of the findings including bearing capacity and settlement analysis with detailed recommendations for practical and economic foundation solutions in the weak and compressible ground conditions encountered.

All works were undertaken by our own team of experienced site engineers and operatives using our own specialist drilling and testing equipment imported from the UK.