Porthcawl Harbour Anchors


Bridgend County Borough Council


Porthcawl Harbour



This project involved construction of anchors to secure temporary cofferdam during harbour refurbishment. Our Comacchio MC600 drill rigs were ideally suited to drilling cased holes at angles up to 45 degrees on a narrow sea wall.

Our solution involved:

  • Ground Anchors: Installation of angled tension/compression anchors comprising a 75mm Dywidag Prestressing threadbar and 149.7mm diameter 10mm CHS all grouted using a high strength polymer modified grout suited to the marine environment.
  • Testing/Pre-stressing: Pull out testing in accordance with BS8081 and locking off at up to 750kN.
  • Ancillary Works: Pressure pointing to sea wall. Application of rapid setting spray concrete between tides.