Sandy Haven Footbridge


Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks Authority





The Pembrokeshire Coast Path crossing of an isolated tidal channel required upgrading to allow disabled access.  Quantum installed a new footbridge constructed of pre-cast concrete sections placed in the channel at low tides. The work area was exposed for two hours either side of low water on spring tides.

Works involved construction of a bund from site-won material to channel the stream away from the work area. Excavation and de-watering was then carried out within the soft sediments to form a geotextile wrapped stone foundation.

The 6.9 tonne culvert sections were prepared off-site by drilling holes for connecting bolts and applying an epoxy non-slip coating; they were then transported to site, placed and secured in the period between tides. Once the culvert had been installed the stream was reinstated and realigned.

The site is located within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and required a Marine Management License (MML). All works were carried out in line with conditions set out by the Marine Licensing Authority.