South Hook CHP


South Hook CHP


Milford Haven



Ground investigation for the construction of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant within the existing boundary of the South Hook Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal. Works were undertaken on several land parcels including sensitive land use, for example a golf course, an oil refinery and public recreational spaces.

The proposed project was to utilise waste heat from nearby LNG Plant and convert to electric supplying the National Grid. Deep shafts and tunnelling across Milford Haven were proposed as part of the scheme to connect the power plant to the National Grid substation located on the south side of the Haven at Pembroke.

Works included:

  • Rotary cored boreholes to 105m through challenging bedrock conditions, heavily fractured with open vertical fissures, to facilitate shaft design complete with in-situ Lugeon testing and in-situ high pressure dilatometer testing at 5m intervals.
  • Inclined 65° rotary cored borehole from on land and under Milford Haven waterway.
  • Cable percussive boreholes to 10m depths with in-situ testing and sampling.
  • 24 machine excavated trials pits for contaminant land and geotechnical assessment including asbestos investigation with appropriate Quantum risk management and methodologies in place.
  • Installation of groundwater and land gas monitoring standpipes and heavy duty vibrating wire piezometers.
  • Geophysical televiewer and acoustic logging of selected deep boreholes.
  • Laboratory testing and post-fieldwork monitoring.
  • Reporting

All works undertaken under supervision of an EOD Supervisor following ground surveys using magnetometer probing techniques for UXO.