Tregunnick Lane Landslip


Cormac Solutions Ltd


Seaton, Cornwall



Prolonged heavy rainfall combined with the presence of a natural spring led to instability of a hillside to the rear of a group of residential properties. Access constraints prevented the use of mechanical plant. The steep slope needed to be stabilised and protected from weathering to prevent further landslides.

Our solution involved: 

  • Site Clearance: Removal of trees and brash using roped access technicians.
  • Slope Stabilisation: 42 Dywidag R32/210 self drilling soil nails between 1.5 and 4m long installed by roped access technicians using lightweight skid mounted drilling equipment. Installation of permanent fixed drainage to channel water from a natural spring to the base of the slope and tie in to the surface water system.
  • Meshing: Placement of Maccaferri MacMat R to protect the soils from weathering and encourage vegetation growth.